UCO Collector


Who are we

We are approved used cooking oil collector by Sabah local authority, our clients can feel assured and confident that they are working with a fully accredited and approved organisation who are licensed for the recycling of used cooking oil.We are doing our best effort towards lowering the green-house gases emissions and carbon footprint.
Used cooking oil and other waste oils & fats if not handle properly will be the key pollution factor to the environment, like sending to the landfill or poured down drains.

What do we do?

Our main by-product activities is the collection and trading of used cooking oil. Oil is used in the cooking or frying oil of vegetable or animal origin. When used for some time the oil turns rancid and may give a bad smell and taste to the food. Change your oil regularly and get better results.Liquid Gold Enterprise can help manage the waste oil collection process and store at our warehouse before supply it to Peninsular Malaysia or other importing countries to conduct a pre-treatment,hence process it into Biodiesel

UCO is an important source of raw material for the production of biodiesel. We collect UCO from all over Sandakan and Telupid. It is easy to be our customer. We supply all our customers with containers suitable for storing UCO and offer different container sizesfor used cooking oil collection and waste transfer. Our people take care of all collection-related tasks, including replacing full containers with clean, empty ones, ensuring our customers are not exposed to any risk.
So if you have any used fat or cooking oil, which you would like us to collect and handle for you, please contact us today. We will provide excellent used cooking oil collection.
As at today we are operating a network of partnership across several countries especially in Asia and Europe for used cooking oil (UCO) collection and other waste-based feedstock for biofuel production.