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Indonesian Steam Coal

Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that deliver various kinds of mining. One of the treasures is coal mining. With the high quality of the coal in the country, it is no wonder that Indonesian steam coal is one of the famous commodities for other countries.
When we mention countries who supply natural resources, there is no doubt that Indonesia is classified among them. Some of the finest natural resources can be found in Indonesia i.e. metals, oil, coal, agricultural and farming products.
Focused on coal supply, Indonesia ranked #5 in the top coal producing country in the world. Although in 2020-2021 Indonesia experienced less production of coal, in 2019 Indonesia has produced 616 million tons of coal.
It is also not a secret that Indonesia has many potentials for coal resources. Therefore, a lot of steam coal areas in Indonesia commit to deliver tons of this product every year.


There are many advantages of using Indonesian steam coal rather than selecting the steam coal from other countries.
Some of the loyal consumers of this commodity mention that Indonesian steam coal is one of the best due to various points as listed below.

• Majorly the Indonesian steam coal consisting of a high value of calories. Therefore, it is a good point where steam coal can lead to more and higher energy in the industries. A high calorie will produce more power which brings advantage to the daily energy requirement of many industries.
• Indonesian steam coal is also famous for its low level of ash. Therefore, not only provide a safer environment, it also guarantees a better health condition for the community around the industries which using this steam coal.
• Good steam coal will contain less moisture. Therefore, it is dry enough and beneficial to support the best combustion as needed.
• Another advantage is the low percentage of Sulphur that can help to eliminate potential health risks due to the Sulphur content inside it. Through some short descriptions above, it is pretty sure that Indonesian steam coal is promising and can mention as the best one. Therefore, it is a good thing to trust Indonesia steam coal company to deliver the best quality of steam coal for various purposes.
Liquid Gold Enterprise, in collaboration with Manna Win Trade, our Malaysian Associate Partner and our Indonesian Seller, is pleased to offer a various grades of Indonesian Steam Coal that may meet your requirement. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.

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