Palm Kernal Shells

Palm Kernel Shells

Palm kernel shells (or PKS) are the shell fractions left after the nut has been removed after crushing in the Palm Oil mill. Kernel shells are a fibrous material, brownish-yellow in colour and with particle sizes normally ranging between 5 mm and 40 mm with high calorific value, averaging 4000 Kcal/kg, and low ash content.
Our Palm Kernel Shell is a natural high grade solid biofuel and has high density. We supplies both of processed and unprocessed PKS depending on applications.


PKS can be used as an alternative fuel for biomass-based combined heat & power plants to produce heat & power for:
• Industrial Boilers
• Brick Kilns
• Residential & Commercial Heating
• Furnace & foundries
• Etc
We have established long-term working relationship with several palm oil mills throughout Malaysia and Indonesia.
As such, we are able to provide our partners with the preferred quantity and quality of PKS at the competitive prices.

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