One avenue, LIQUID GOLD ENTERPRISE is currently expanding their Used Cooking Oil business in Philippines. By entwining a business venture with TRIVALUE B.V of Netherlands, the entity was duly registered in Cebu City under the name of CY GOLD RENERGY USED OIL WASTE COLLECTION. We would not relent until we achieve our vision of being a major player in the related industry and by extension the continental region of Asia we could continue to pursue operational excellence in all aspects of our operations, internationally improve on our services and invest the best of human and capital resources in the supply of premium well Biodiesel feedstocks for our teeming clients in local and international markets.

We see a bright and promising future in investing human and capital resources across the value chain of the collection, storing and processing of this agricultural resource. With relentless verve and tenacity, we intend to pursue the realization of its corporate objectives and make giant strides in the Biodiesel and Oleochemicals industry.

Some Glimpse from our WareHouse